transForm Endowment Gifts


an endowment for the support of long-term mission workers


10-ways-to-give-brochureMinistry Support Teams provide mission workers with great spiritual, emotional, and material support. But long-term funding is a challenge. Therefore, VMMissions initiated an endowment plan that creates a hybrid model of funding long-term mission workers.

This is a model that has proven very helpful in the way we have funded workers who go out under tranSend.


Establish a “family of endowments” totaling $7,000,000.

Where we are today:

Goal met! $7.1 million is in hand or has been pledged.

An continuing invitation:

Though we have reached our initial goal of $7 million, you are still invited to contribute

  • an immediate gift
  • a monthly or annual plan for adding support to the work of missions
  • an estate plan that contributes a portion to missions.



Ken Horst
Development Associate
(540) 434-9727 / (800) 707-5535
[email protected]

For other ways to give to the work of God’s mission, please see the 10 ways you can help make disciples in the way of Christ brochure at right.


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