Evangelism, Discipleship, and Teaching English

Location: Europe, Montenegro, Podgorica

Program name: Long-term service

There is an immense need for evangelism and discipleship of both young and old. Work in these areas would be in partnership with VMMissions workers Steve and Laura Campbell and the Brethren Assemblies in the capital city of Podgorica. Along with evangelism and discipleship, teaching English is one way of building relationships and entering into the daily lives of people, and sharing God’s love with them.

As any assignment in Montenegro would require the worker to learn Serbian, they should be viewed as longer-term assignments (initial term of two years with openness to successive terms).

Context: Montenegro is part of the Balkans region, nestled along the Adriatic Sea between Serbia/Croatia on the north and Albania on its south. It has a population of around 600,000. Though it escaped much of the violent devastation of the breakup of the former Yugoslavia, it was affected economically and politically. It became its own country in June 2006 and joined the European Union in 2009. Seventy percent of its inhabitants are Eastern Orthodox and twenty percent are Muslim. Though few people practice their faith, their cultural identities are strongly held, alongside of other Balkan societies.

The close knit evangelical population is very small with only four congregations and a total of about 100 members. The rocky terrain of the land is demonstrative of the rocky spiritual terrain in the country.

Ministries: The Campbells have lived in Podgorica since 2012. Steve works in the area of discipleship, worship, and leadership training and Laura has started a children’s Sunday School. Both are involved in friendship evangelism, developing a network of neighbors and friends who are open to them. Because of the small number of believers in the country, networking with other mission workers (such as Campus Crusade) is important for encouragement and support.

There is a Roma population in the capital city of Podgorica and in the last 10 years, a small group of believers has emerged and been pastored by Pastor Sinisa, a young Serbian and former leader with the Brethren Assemblies congregation. Opportunities abound for developing relationships among the Roma’s by teaching English, working with the women, social services, and creating activities for the children.

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