• Chris Beck

Chris Beck

Serving in: Waynesboro, Virginia

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Serving since:

Chris’ primary responsibility is serving as a part-time Volunteer Coordinator with Love Inc., whose vision is to connect local congregations with persons in need in their communities, located in Waynesboro, Va. His duties are to support and implement the vision and mission of Love Inc., mobilize and build relationships with Love Inc. volunteers, and to maintain relationships with partner and area churches to promote volunteer opportunities.

This internship gives him the opportunity to receive mentoring in the Christian faith, spiritual leadership, and to grow spiritually. These continue to be his core goals since retiring from the police department, where he served for 20 years.

In his work with the police department, Chris developed a deep love and care for the community of Waynesboro and the persons he was called to help in times of crisis. As Chris worked with these populations day in and day out, he felt called to deeper relationship with them than his work allowed and a greater position of vulnerability than was accessible to him while carrying a gun and the power of his office. Since retiring, Chris has engaged in mentoring relationships with many young men who are drawn by Chris’ faith and care for them.

Chris is an active member of Greenmonte Mennonite Fellowship, a Virginia Mennonite Conference congregation where he has engaged in weekly prayer gatherings and small groups. He has also volunteered as a mentor with Love Inc.


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