• Don and Esther Clymer

Donald and Esther Clymer

Serving in: Bienenberg, Switzerland

Program name: Long-term service

Serving since:

Don is teaching and leading spirituality seminars and retreats as a volunteer with the Theological Seminary in Bienenberg, Switzerland. Esther is working as a home health aide. They are serving as Associate Workers with VMMissions.

They have served the worldwide body of Christ together in many cultures and ministry settings over the past 40+ years, and have desired for some time to live for a term in Switzerland, Esther’s country of origin.

Don was on staff with VMMissions (then VMBM) from 1994-2001 as Director of Communications. In the past few years, he has served on numerous VMMissions MSTs and recently led a VMMissions staff retreat. Don and Esther are members of, and have held leadership positions at, Lindale Mennonite Church, Linville, Va.


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