• Jim and Pam Beachy

Jim and Pam Beachy

Serving in: Lezhë, Albania

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Serving since:

Jim teaches high school Chemistry and Pam serves as an elementary school English helper at Lezha Academic Center.

The Beachys lend support to the worship and ministries of Guri I Themelit (GIT), but have no official role there.

Jim and Pam are members of the Cornerstone Church in Broadway, VA; Jim recently retired as pastor there. With Jim’s previous pastoral experience, and Pam’s experience working in a preschool, they are ideally equipped to teach and minister to children, youth and adults in Lezhë and engage with the GIT congregation.

Their maturity in faith and life will be an asset to them as they teach in a cross-cultural assignment. As parents of adopted children, they have been impressed with God’s love and care of them as Father through that relationship. As they embark on this new experience overseas in Albania, they anticipate receiving God’s care and continued growth for this new journey.


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