• Kris Hange

Kris Hange

Serving in: Mannheim, Germany

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Serving since:

Kris will be serving for a year in Mannheim, Germany, with VMMissions workers Rebekka and David Stutzman and their family.

His tranSend assignment will combine children’s ministry in the home group that meets in the Stutzman’s home, working in refugee ministry, studying German, and engaging with local college students and a German MVS team made up of youth from all over the world.

As a recent high school graduate, Kris is eager to engage in ministry overseas to deepen his relationship with Christ in ongoing discipleship and mentoring relationships. He has been in a mentoring relationship with his youth leader at Charlottesville Mennonite, and has experienced much growth as a result. He also participated in a summer outreach program in inner city Atlanta with other young people his age. That experience deepened his desire to serve abroad before beginning college.


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