Loren and Earlene Horst

Serving in: Various locations, Trinidad

Program name: Partners in Mission (up to 1 year)

Serving since:

Loren and Earlene work with leadership development and congregational resourcing for a number of Mennonite churches in Trinidad, building upon longstanding relationships between the Mennonite Church of Trinidad & Tobago and Virginia Mennonite Missions.
From a Worker Profile in the Spring 2017 issue of Transforming:


Our assignment includes encouraging pastors and spouses, developing leaders and guiding an organizational review of church structure. We serve in blocks of time of 4-10 weeks, beginning in August 2016 until September 2017.

The churches in Trinidad are led by capable and gifted leaders. We believe that with few exceptions God provides the gifts and leaders necessary for his people to fully do his work. We don’t lack for things to do but more challenging for us at this stage in the life of the church is knowing what not to do. We are not taking over and not making a permanent place for ourselves. We are temporary guests. The less important we become, the better we are doing our work.

Much of our activity is in the background, meeting, praying, talking, and drinking coffee. Then we watch with joy as leaders and churches move more fully into God’s leading and blessing. We sat with full hearts one Sunday morning when all the pastors led communion in front of a lively joint service at Charlieville Mennonite Church. We were proud of this church that God has called into existence. Testimonies of new-found faith in Jesus are not unusual in a church in which most members and most leaders are first generation Christians. Invitations to become disciples of Jesus are common, extended by the very persons who heard and responded to the same call not so many years ago.

A typical day:

A typical Sunday finds us in one of the congregations. The pastors and leaders are doing most of the teaching and preaching in the congregations, so usually, Loren does not preach. Sometimes evaluations or feedback is desired.

Afternoons often find us spending extra time with leaders and other members. We also enjoy the Pastors Fellowship on some Sunday evenings, a time of food, fellowship, conversation and prayer.


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