Education Ministries


The Joshua Center is a social center offering early education and after-school programs from a Christian worldview to the Roma (gypsy) community of Lezhë, Albania. The center was started in 2003 by Norma Teles, who serves with VMMissions and Junta Menonita de Missões Internacionais. Norma directs Joshua Center’s growing ministries, including a preschool program, after-school program and moms’ group. Norma and class assistants strive to motivate, and prepare and support Roma children for success in school and in life while modeling the love of Jesus in holistic ministry to them and their families.

Student Sponsorships
Sponsorships are used to defray operating expenses, and are not directly given to individual children or their families. Thus, multiple sponsorships will be accepted for the same child. Opportunities will be provided for you to connect with the child you have sponsored, such as through letters or providing a Christmas gift, if you choose.

Learn more about sponsoring a student at the Joshua Center.



Lezha Academic Center is an American school in Lezhe, Albania, staffed by American teachers with instruction in English. Our staff is highly qualified to instruct and manage students within a secondary learning environment. Students benefit from proven instructional techniques and an American educational organization, but they also become proficient readers, writers, and speakers of the English language.

LAC is a non-profit educational organization that exists to transmit the vision of a Biblical worldview and service into meaningful life experiences for those who attend. The curriculum supports important academics in both English & Albanian, spiritual growth, and emotional and physical health. The goal is to develop strong leadership skills for the future of Albania.

Note: Although an approved ministry, LAC is financially supported by Albanian Christian Education Foundation, a Virginia 501(c)(3) corporation to which tax-deductible contributions can be made. Please send your gifts on behalf of LAC to: ACEF at 601 Parkwood Road, Harrisonburg, Virginia 22802.


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