Equipping Workshops for Church Leaders

Join VMMissions staff, local pastors and church leaders for a series of workshops focused on equipping the missionary church. Lunch is on us!

Workshops will be held January 31, February 28, and April 3 in the Mission Training Center (Barn) at VMMissions (map). These will feature interactive discussions with mission practitioners from mission organizations across the US. 

RSVP for these events today as space will be limited. (Sign up form is below.)

Incarnational Witness

January 31, 2024 | 12-2 PM

Keith Swartley will lead an interactive and dynamic time of exploring deep incarnation and the unexpected great transformative news of Christ. He will walk through the difficulty and blessing of taking the good news to others incarnationally, both across the street and around the world.

Keith is passionate about motivating Christians to share the love of Christ reverently and gently with Muslims around the corner or across the globe. From 1993 until 2002, Keith was on staff with the U.S. Center for World Mission (now Frontier Ventures) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A focus of Keith’s ministry since 1992 has been the development of the Encountering the World of Islam course. For over thirty years, Encountering Muslims has trained over 50,000 participants to express the love of Christ and to plant reproducing churches among Muslims. The course has been empowering Christians to love and effectively share the hope of the gospel with Muslims in 40 countries. 

Multiplying Movements

February 28, 2024 | 12-2 PM

Joshua Johnson will lead a session focused on equipping the church to become a multiplying movement by becoming the community of disciple-makers that Jesus envisions the kingdom of God to be. 

Josh coaches and trains others to ignite movements to Jesus with All Nations KC, Movement Leaders Collective, and 5Q; and has conversations about living in the kingdom of God on the podcast Shifting Culture. He follows Jesus with others at Navah Church KC. Joshua spent seven years in the Middle East and Asia catalyzing movements to Jesus and saw many Muslim background people get baptized, say yes to following Jesus and finding their identity in Him, and start simple, reproducing Jesus communities in their own culture. He loves movies, traveling the world, being surrounded by nature, and going on walks with Jesus. Joshua lives and works in Kansas City, Mo. with his wife Meredith and son Luke.

Sustainability in Ministry

April 3, 2024 | 12-2 PM

Eric F. and Tim S. (names changed for security) will share strategies for sustainability in ministry while keeping a deep passion for the lost and marginalized both near and far. 

Eric and Tim use a team-teaching approach modeled in their work throughout the developing world. They are Perspectives alumni and passionate promoters of the course. Eric combines a background in business and entrepreneurship with a contagious passion for missions. Tim was a long-term church planter among working classes in an Asian urban setting shaping his approach to discipleship and business as mission. They have worked individually and together with teams in over 25 nations, most with restricted access. Currently they focus on training near-culture disciple-makers to multiply workers among least-reached peoples. The teaching is interactive, intentionally engaging, and can involve humor. Believing everyone deserves a chance to choose to follow Jesus, they and their organization are focused on unreached groups. Eric brings a background in mission advocacy especially for the local church, while Tim’s passion is for the poor and persecuted unreached especially in Asia. The combination of personalities, upbringing, giftings, and stories allow this to be a different style of pedagogy.


These equipping workshops are free to attend. Reserve your spot today.


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