E3 Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand. Courtesy of Wikipedia

Bangkok is a prosperous and colorful, cosmopolitan city, but for some of the 10 million people who live there, the appeal is gone. Thousands of people have, in desperation, chosen to seek refuge in Thailand from ethnic and religious persecution in their home countries. What they find are closed doors to employment, education, and the pervasive threat of arrest and detention hanging over their heads.

This E3 team will have the opportunity to learn firsthand the challenges being faced by these displaced persons and to prayerfully reflect on how God is present and inviting his church to engage.

Assignment: The team will be serving at a small English learning center run by a Filipino couple with years of ministry experience in Thailand, affiliated with a refugee ministry called Life Raft. The center is located in a dense neighborhood crisscrossed by highways on the northside of Bangkok. Among those living there are many asylum seeking Pakistanis and Montengards (members of various hill tribes) from Vietnam. The team will have the opportunity to do home visits, visit detainees at the infamous Immigration Detention Center, and gain a window into various ways that God’s people are responding to the situation.

Anticipated outcomes:

  • A sharpened sense of God’s calling for each participant
  • For some, perhaps, the beginnings of vision for longer service in Thailand

Long-term worker Steve Horst will serve as team leader. The invitation to participate is being extended to regional partners in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Dates: Friday August 8- Sunday August 18 (dates can be extended on either end, depending on participant availability and desire for additional ministry exploration in Thailand).


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