VMMissions has a number of open service opportunities for 2+ year term commitments under our transForm (long-term) program.

Opportunities are available for individuals, couples, and families. Many assignments are overseas, although there are also USA-based assignments. Assignments generally include intensive cultural and language learning and training in holistic witness.

VMMissions believes that the incarnation is God’s pattern for mission. To accomplish our salvation, God became one of us in Jesus Christ, humbling himself even to the point of death. We follow Christ’s example by deeply identifying with the people to whom he sends us, learning and respecting their languages and cultures, serving amid the risks associated with their settings, expressing the grace and truth of the gospel in contextually appropriate ways, and celebrating the reality that God is with us. (Mt 1:22-23, Jn 1:14, Phil 2:5-11)

Collaboration is our posture in mission. God intends the church to be an interdependent community of justice, joy and peace. On the cross, Jesus put to death our hostility toward God and one another, making reconciliation possible. As a result, we gladly partner with churches and ministries from the global body of Christ. Together, we call, equip, send and support believers from diverse backgrounds to offer their gifts in the work of God’s kingdom. (Is 2:1-5, Eph 2:11-22, Rv 5:9)

Multiplication is the intended result of mission. God’s first command to humanity was to flourish and grow, thereby spreading God’s peaceable rule over all the earth. Jesus called his disciples to “fish for people.” Paul entrusted the gospel to faithful people who in turn would teach it to others. Likewise, we seek to form healthy disciples, leaders and churches who multiply sustainable communities of worship, fellowship and mission. (Gn 1:28, Mk 1:17, 2 Tm 2:2)

Note: all listed service assignments are open for immediate consideration unless indicated. For shorter-term assignments, tranSend offers 1-2 year opportunities, and team-based opportunities (one to three weeks) are available through E3 Collective.

Open transForm opportunities

How to apply:

Download a VMMissions Service Application

Complete and email to Jason Showalter, Global Ministries Director


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