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Plant Ministry Seeds

tranSend is a one-year program that emphasizes growth and experience for people who are interested in serving in a mission assignment but want a more guided experience and less of a time commitment than traditional long-term assignments. The program is also partially grant funded to make fundraising signifcantly easier for participants.

Strongly rooted in discipleship and service for individuals and couples of all ages, this valuable experience will teach you the principles of contextual ministry which can build a foundation for future service.

Guided on your journey by a seasoned mission worker in the field, you are encouraged to discover how you may fit into longer-term ministry.

Grow in Faith and Experience

Jesus takes his followers through a learning process of discipleship.

Growth in discipleship comes from:
commitment (walking with Jesus)
competence (knowing and showing His ways)
confidence (trusting and abiding in God)
fellowship (being together as church, drawing others to Him by example).

The lives of His disciples express a capacity to live into three right relationships:

  • relationship with God
  • relationship within a close discipleship community
  • relationship with the world

Discipleship begins with imitation. We provide an experienced field worker to walk alongside you. He or she will provide encouragement, accountability and insight.

Relating to the local community and other mission workers allows for discernment as God’s call becomes clear.

Learn like a Disciple

Nazareth VillageJesus’ disciples learned while following Jesus’ call to witness and serve in the world.

You can also learn this way. Through a special arrangement with the Biblical Lands Educational Seminars and Service (BLESS) of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, you can participate with other volunteers around the world in the course “Cross-Cultural Discipleship” and other seminary courses offered on-line as part of your tranSend assignment.

tranSend workers are eligible to receive a full tuition scholarship for one or more BLESS courses during their term of service. Read more about BLESS here.

Harvest the Opportunities

Your interests and gifts can fit many service locations at home or around the world, and tranSend can open the door for you to:

  • live cross-culturally
  • shadow a long-term mission worker
  • participate in community development and outreach
  • connect with a local congregation
  • nurture a strong spiritual life
  • be a witness in unreached or under-reached areas
  • teach secondary-level curricula at a Christian high school
  • work among Deaf people as interpreters/counselors
  • teach English in Europe or Asia
  • work with global partner mission organizations
  • be a mission and discipleship intern in Europe or the USA
  • work with peace-builders in areas of violence and conflict
  • teach the children of mission workers
  • serve in a busy urban environment or a rural area
  • work among refugees and displaced people
  • receive training for long-term cross-cultural ministry
  • explore your talents and ways to use them
  • receive mentoring from a long-term mission worker
  • learn a foreign language to serve effectively

See a list of current opportunities with tranSend

Apply for a tranSend position

How the Process Works

  1. Applicant dialogue/questions to tranSend director and staff
  2. Application completed
  3. References sent to pastor and three other persons
  4. Interview by director
  5. Director contacts national or local church regarding placement
  6. Applicant profile presented to VMM board for approval
  7. MST formation (with MST Coach guidance); no funds requested until appointment
  8. Documents completed for work permit, visa and residency as needed for country of service
  9. 10-day orientation and training
  10. Commissioning service and sending

Annual application deadline: April 30

For more information, contact:
Martin Rhodes, Short-term Missions Coach
(540) 434-9727 • (800) 707-5535

Experiences in tranSend

The story of one couple’s call and experiences serving at Nazareth Village.

tranSend 10th Anniversary Celebration

Experience the vision, history and impact of the program which celebrated 10 years in 2015.


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