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and joining the movement that Jesus began.

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Cultivate Workshops

Skip Tobin, USA Ministries Director, has designed four Cultivate workshops geared towards districts and congregations. He is glad to present them for your church or leadership group upon request.

  1. Becoming Learners – Engage with Jesus’ invitation to follow him and discover what it means for us to be authentic disciples today.
    Explore what it means to be disciples and hear Jesus’ invitation to enter into rest by being yoked with him. In this workshop we’ll learn and practice the Learners Circle where we can learn to engage our own Kairos, or wake up and make steps forward towards God’s good purpose in our lives. This interactive workshop addresses some foundational discipleship principles and useful tools are offered.
  2. Making Disciples through Life Transformation GroupsLearn to use Life Transformation Groups (LTGs) as a reproducible vehicle for personal change.
  3. Being a Family on Mission – Explore how to be spiritual parents who create “family on mission” rather than trying to manage the dichotomy of family and mission or the difficult tension of choosing between family or mission.
    Here we get in touch with our God being on mission as Father, Son and Spirit, a family picture of sorts. This helps us to untwist mission out of our own individual mindset, where we each do our own thing and wonder what happens to the fruit. Explore together what it means to be spiritual parents, who have and offer to others predicable patterns and that for the purpose of God’s mission.
  4. The Ephesians 4 Callings – Uncover the hidden treasure of our various callings (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, and teacher) and the energy this brings to being church together.
    We are awakening to our own infertility as the church. The 5 callings are an important component for realigning ourselves to what God is doing. Equipping us, God’s people, for God’s ministry work, according to how God has made each of us. As a followers of Jesus Christ, we have within us the Jesus DNA. We have received a portion of grace and are gifted. Among us are apostles, prophets, evangelists, shepherds and teachers. We can begin recognize this in others and ourselves and with God’s help realign.
  5. What’s so good about the good news? – Get in touch with the gospel together, by learning to celebrate and share your own God story and a simple gospel message by practicing together. We can be equipped us to better witness to Jesus Christ by giving God our fears and together working on what to say to those who want to hear the good news.
  6. Leading Discovery Bible Studies: Learn how to make disciples by engaging others in Discovery Bible Studies outside of the church walls.
    Experience the joy of engaging and seeing others engage the Scriptures together and discover the very one who inspired the Bible enlightening our hearts and revealing himself. We’ll be practicing using (DBS) ourselves and getting in touch with the possibilities.

Other new workshops can be created in consultation with the district or congregational leadership. Please email Skip Tobin or call (540) 434-9727 for more information or to schedule a workshop.



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