God is good and showing the way in the midst of trials

Posted on May 3, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

Kristel Cajun, 14, is deaf. She likes to sign “God Is So Good” during worship at Jesus Deaf Church. It’s this song that came to my mind as I reflected on what God had done this year.

Manuel Tosh, 21, (in photo at right with Nancy Marshall) has grown in confidence and faith, and now knows with certainty that God has called him to pastor our church. He is reading his Bible and watching the American Sign Language Bible video tapes. He is calling me with Bible verses that he finds meaningful. He’s leading the other boys to spend time together and support each other, calling each other “brothers.” God has worked some miraculous events that Manuel witnessed, which deepened his faith and sense of call. Now we are preaching together in a dialogue fashion and God is giving us His guidance. God will show the way. He is so good to us!

The devil was wreaking havoc among the deaf people a year ago when one of the men courted two women at the same time. When one, (“Beth”) had a baby, there was lots of tension when we gathered. But God brought peace and forgiveness when Beth turned her eyes to Jesus and chose to follow Him. She in turn offered forgiveness to the man and other woman. God gives us peace. He is so good to us!

A mother of one of the deaf children that I teach was reluctant to have her daughter learn to sign. Many people prayed for this situation. By December, the four-year-old was signing about 300 words. In January the mother wanted to know what she was saying and asked to learn to sign. By February, she was using her daughter’s communication book to teach the rest of the family. God answers prayer. He is so good to us!

Thank you to everyone for partnering with us as we share the Good News in Belize. God is so good!

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