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Alfonso Alvarado, USA
Victoria Barnes, USA
Bryce Bouldin, USA
Elena Buckwalter de Satalaya, Peru
Steve and Laura Campbell family, Montenegro
Seth and Theresa Crissman family, USA
C. Farah, USA
Shawn and Laura Green family, Italy
Michael and Ruth H., USA
Dan and Mary Hess, Albania
Steve and Bethany (Tobin) Horst family, Thailand
Jaden Hostetter, Ecuador
Juan José Lagos, USA
Lee and Peg Martin, USA
Mike and Risha Metzler, USA
D.J. Mitchell, USA
Lydia Musselman, USA
Fabrizio and Ilaria Perfetti, Italy
Yugo and Grace family, Southeast Asia
Anna Renfro, Germany
Raleigh and Opal family, North Africa
Kailey Ross, USA
Armando and Veronica Sanchez, USA
Mark and Sarah Schoenhals family, Thailand
Dini and Klementina Shahini, Albania
Hannah Shultz, USA
David and Rebekka Stutzman family, Germany
Rafael and Solange Tartari family, Albania
Norma Teles, Albania
J. and H. family, South Asia
Gabrielle Thorne, USA
Nik Tucker, USA
Jason Wagner, USA
J. and M. W. family, Asia
Tyler and Kendra Yoder, USA

Select a project or fundraising event below to support

Business for Transformation
Putt Fore Missions (Spring 2021)
Motorcycle for Missions (Fall 2020)
Bike Shenandoah (Fall 2020)
Festival of Praise (Fall 2021)

If donations exceed the designated need, or upon termination or cancellation of a designated ministry, Virginia Mennonite Missions will apply any unused contributions to another similar ministry. All contributions to VMMissions are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.


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