Automatic Bank Withdrawal

How to set up automatic donations

Complete and mail this Direct Payment Authorization form with a voided check*.

After completing and submitting the Payment Authorization Form, allow several days for processing. The withdrawals will then begin automatically.

*If you have a Park View Federal Credit Union account, you do not need to submit a voided check.

Many donors choose to support workers for as long as they are serving with VMMissions. We will record this commitment of support for the designated worker’s current term. However, your automatic payments will continue beyond the worker’s current term and until the worker is no longer serving with VMMissions unless you choose to stop your automatic payments sooner. You may stop your automatic payments at any time.

If donations exceed the designated need, or upon termination or cancellation of a designated project or ministry, Virginia Mennonite Missions will apply any unused contributions to another similar ministry. All contributions are tax deductible.


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