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Ukraine relief



Ukraine Relief is a joint project of MCC and VMMissions

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What’s happening?

On February 24, Russian military forces began an invasion of Ukraine by land, sea and air. Active shelling, airstrikes and other active hostilities are targeting cities across the entire country. Casualties continue to grow and the violence is causing serious disruptions to electricity, gas and water systems. Hundreds of thousands of people are without gas and electricity.

UNOCHA reports that 6 million people have limited or no safe access to water. They also report that 12 million people are currently in need of humanitarian assistance. The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that more than 4 million people have fled Ukraine since February 24.

Conflict has been ongoing between Russia and Ukraine since late 2013, with Russia annexing the Crimea peninsula in March 2014.

What is MCC doing?

MCC has approved several smaller-scale emergency response projects as they make plans for longer-term work:

  • In Kyiv, an MCC partner is providing displaced and host families with essential supplies like food, medicine and hygiene supplies and is supporting people who are evacuating with fuel and food. They are prioritizing women-headed households with children, elderly people and people with disabilities.
  • In the city of Uman and in the Cherkasy region, an MCC partner is providing lodging, meals, basic medications and food items for displaced people as well as fuel for people who are evacuating.
  • In the city of Zaporizhzhia, an MCC partner is delivering food baskets to the homes of individuals with disabilities.
  • In the city of Avdiivka, an MCC partner is providing families that are sheltering in place with food and enough funds to cover basic needs for two weeks.
  • An MCC partner is developing plans to support members of the Roma community displaced from Eastern Ukraine; this is likely to include emergency shelter, water, sanitation and food needs.
  • Partners indicate that local churches are instrumental in offering emergency support and basic needs; church buildings are places to gather for safety, places to pray, places where people are coming together to support their neighbors.

Your gifts to My Coins Count will help supply MCC partners with resources to cover needs.


What is My Coins Count?

My Coins Count is a fun way to raise money for projects of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and Virginia Mennonite Missions (VMMissions). It is the program formerly known as Penny Power. Funds raised will be shared evenly between VMMissions and MCC.

Collect coins in a container in your church, school, home or business. Tape the label onto a jug, jar or can. Blue water jugs are the most popular option, and can be picked up at Virginia Mennonite Missions, 601 Parkwood Drive, Harrisonburg, Va. After the relief sale, keep your jugs for next year, or collect for My Coins Count throughout the year!

Bring the containers to the Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale on Friday evening or no later than 9 a.m. on October 1 at the Rockingham County Fairgrounds near Harrisonburg. The coins are sorted by volunteers and counted in machines from Park View Federal Credit Union, whose staff calculate the total value of each congregation’s coins. Currency and checks are also welcome.

Checks should be made payable to “Virginia Mennonite Relief Sale,” designated for My Coins Count. Put checks in your congregation’s jug or bring them by 9 a.m. to the counting shed beside the main auction building.

How can we promote it?

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Designate My Coins Count as the offering project for Sunday school classes or Vacation Bible School.
  • Have a special church fundraiser for My Coins Count.
  • Highlight My Coins Count during your Sunday morning worship service. This could be every Sunday or just once a month.
  • Have children fill a small container with coins at home, then give them a reward for each full container of coins they bring to church.
  • Match the amount of your church’s contribution! Match $250, $500, $1,000 or the whole amount your congregation raises. Make it a contest!


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