Imagining God’s Future

Anjali, age 11, serving in Nam Yuen, Thailand

“I was thinking about the beauty of nature. I had been listening to a recording of a flowing creek, and it was all so peaceful. That sound gave me so much peace and joy and I wanted to convey that in my art. God imagines beauty, peace, love and joy and it all points to nature, which points to God – the way everything sings for joy in one beautiful circle. The birds represent worship and music and the trees represent the unfaltering care and love which God shows us.”

Imagining God's Future by children of VMMissions workers
Hannah, age 10, serving in Det Udom, Thailand

“I was mainly thinking about Isaan people worshiping Jesus when I drew my picture. I really enjoy drawing pictures from the Bible in an Isaan perspective.”


Tierzah, age 5, serving in Nam Yuen, Thailand

“It is a sunny day, and I learned how to swim. I imagine heaven to be like playing at the beach. In my picture there are children playing in the waves.”

Imagining God's Future
Tierzah, age 5, serving in Nam Yuen, Thailand

“This picture is of a little girl climbing up the stairs to God. God is up in heaven and he wanted me to come because he loved me. I wanted to see heaven and he wanted to see me, but I wanted best to live with God all my life. And in the middle there is a throne, and two angels are surrounding it. The person next to the throne in the picture is God. And I really wanted to be with God. I ran up the stairs. I looked at God and smiled!”


Maia, age 12, serving in South Asia

“I was thinking about God’s future. This seems to me to be a happy and hopeful thing, which is maybe why I used soft, pretty colors. The future is centered in God. I showed this through the Trinity design – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We all have slightly different ideas about what’s going to happen next. So, the “thoughts” of the man, the woman, and the child each have a different color. There are balloons which represent different ideas too. Some of them “pop.” They happen. And we hear the popping! There is more for us to know!”

Water of Life-Sophie-Kauffman
Water of Life by Sophie, age 14, Harrisonburg, Va.


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