Inside and outside the hospital in Honduras

Posted on April 22, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

God works in mysterious ways, so mysterious that it is often easy to miss the ways He’s working, especially when times get challenging. Thank God His plan does not depend on whether we understand it or not. That is how I would sum up my first year in Siguatepeque, Honduras—recognizing a call without fully understanding it. I have been working as a registered nurse in a small private hospital. Looking back, I had no idea what I was getting into or what to expect. I know, however, that I have grown immensely—culturally, spiritually, emotionally and professionally.

Throughout the last year, I started with observation, moved into teaching and clinical supervision, and learned how to be a support for the young student nurses. Life in the hospital has definitely been a difficult adjustment, but God has been with me as I am learning the routines, the people, and the faith of this complexly woven community.

Meanwhile, a special part of living here has been experiencing Honduras outside of the subculture of the hospital. I’ve been attending a small church called Sala Evangelica. It is a church of dedicated adults and young adults, and a ton of younger children. With the massive numbers of Hondurans migrating to the US, there is a lot of family disintegration, and the church strongly believes that true change in this country must come through investing in the children. They have taught me a lot about giving oneself to invest in and love the little ones.

I have one more year in my commitment here. I pray that my understanding and love for this culture, my coworkers and Hondurans will only grow. I am thankful for the advances I’ve made in learning Spanish, and thank God for this unique opportunity to learn and grow. Please pray for continued improvement in language, guidance for the next year, relationships, and intense love and passion for the call God has given me. Thank you for remembering and praying for me!



Malerie working in pediatric nursing care post-surgery, just one of the different areas in the hospital.



Malerie with a fellow nurse at the hospital. Photos courtesy of author

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