Introducing the Anabaptist Missional Project

Posted on February 24, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

Virginia Mennonite Missions recently granted Approved Ministry status to the Anabaptist Missional Project (AMP). A VMMissions Approved Ministry is a ministry that we do not directly administrate or control but is related to, or is like, the work that we do. VMMissions lends counsel and support to such ministries, including the receipting of financial contributions. The leadership team of AMP provided the following description of the group.


Background: In the fall of 2009, a small group of friends and acquaintances (ages 25-40) gathered in Harrisonburg, Virginia, for a weekend of fellowship, discernment and discussion. We discovered a common love for the Anabaptist tradition, a call to be involved in church leadership, and a passion for God’s mission. At the same time, we found that we shared deep concerns regarding the current reality and direction of the Mennonite church in its various expressions. That group decided to meet again and again in locations such as Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania, each time reaching out to others energized by the same set of commitments.

Eventually a mission and vision emerged, as well as a name.

Identity: The Anabaptist Missional Project is a network of emerging leaders who love Jesus, care about the church, and seek to be part of God’s mission in the world.

Mission: As a community of thinkers and practitioners, we exist to promote a constructive vision for church renewal, convene to fellowship and grow as emerging leaders, and network to create concrete initiatives for engaging our world missionally.

Vision: We commit to pursue the following seven goals:

  1. Foster Anabaptist identity and witness
  2. Root our faith in the reconciling work of Jesus Christ
  3. Live out God’s coming kingdom in the power of the Spirit
  4. Reclaim worship, prayer, scripture reading, and confession as formative practices
  5. Engage in holistic mission
  6. Mentor and empower young adults
  7. Encourage unity in the midst of diversity

Ministries: AMP currently engages in three areas of ministry:

  1. We promote our mission and vision through electronic media (
  2. We convene and facilitate gatherings and conferences approximately two times a year.
  3. We organize and empower working groups to develop the various initiatives that emerge in our gatherings. Presently there are groups promoting young adult ministry, church planting, and missional formation through scripture.

Leadership: AMP is led by a four-person, volunteer leadership team consisting of David Stutzman, Matthew Krabill, Joel Shenk and Aaron Kauffman. The leadership team frequently consults with a diverse network of participants across North America. We invite all interested people to join in this vision for the future of Mennonite Church USA and the broader Anabaptist movement.

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