Italian “Happy Week” expands to impact adolescents

Posted on August 27, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

“How can our tiny church facility host the growing group of community children who love to participate in “Settimana Felice” (Happy Week)?” As the Centro Koinonia congregation submitted this question to prayer and discussion, an exciting idea emerged. Why not organize two weeks of activities— a “happy week” for elementary school kids and a second week called “Tribe’s Impact” suited for middle schoolers!

Many hands and hearts united to realize this expanded project that demanded more work and commitment. Twenty-five kids overflowed Centro Koinonia’s facility for “Happy Week.” In spite of intense heat the second week, 12 adolescents enthusiastically participated in activities especially designed for them—a type of Bible/music day camp that focused on the life of Joseph. Joseph (Adam Riddle) displays his multicolored coat handcrafted by Lia and Mara Giuliani.Maurita Eberly and Dino Colonna created a delightful musical that communicated the biblical story through narration, music, drama, and dance- utilizing the creativity and talent of these adolescents. One studies guitar and another, violin at the Bari conservatory; another plays drums, while several others study classical dance. At the Saturday night performance for parents, everyone marveled at the surprising results of those five short days!

That week marked the first steps in fulfilling a vision God has given Dino & Mara Colonna—developing a ministry for adolescents called “Tribe’s Impact” that will provide wholesome friendship, meaningful activities, and spiritual nurture on a regular basis.

Photo: Joseph (Adam Riddle) displays his multicolored coat handcrafted by Lia and Mara Giuliani. Photo courtesy of author.

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