Jamaica Mennonite Church conference delivers deep impact

Posted on March 24, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

“The Word of God: Eternal, Powerful & Profitable” was the theme of the 53rd annual conference of the Jamaica Mennonite Church, March 4-6, held in Kingston. Delegates gathered on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday to discuss reports from congregations and directors of various areas of church work.

During the delegate session, Morris Baker was elected as the new president of JMC. He is the pastor of Alpine Mennonite Church and has served in various positions of JMC.

Rajin and Sheriza Sookharry represented the Mennonite Church of Trinidad & Tobago at the conference. They brought greetings from MCTT, enjoyed good fellowship with brothers and sisters, visited the Maranatha School for the Deaf, and experienced Jamaican hospitality for the first time. As they prepared to return to Trinidad, they said, “We feel like we have had a revival,” referring to the uplifting services on Sunday.

The theme was developed in devotional meditations by Elaine Baker, Sandra Maitland and Karaine Sinondon. President Liston Aiken brought the message on Sunday morning, enlarging our understanding of God’s Word and how it impacts our lives and touches those who don’t yet believe. In the afternoon, congregations showed their “brightest and best” through special music and drama. Everyone was heartily engaged and left with a deep impact. The drama by the Good Tidings Mennonite Church youth group especially drew in the audience when they demonstrated how the temptations of the world can lure us away from God, our Creator.

Singing the theme song “Wonderful Words of Life” and “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” and reading the JMC Mission Statement all formed solidarity with fellow Christians, and energized all for going out and spreading the Good News—the wonderful words of Life!


New president Morris and Elaine Baker at their home in Red Hills.

New president Morris and Elaine Baker at their home in Red Hills. (Photos by Galen Lehman)


Rajin and Sheriza Sookharry, MCTT delegate

Rajin and Sheriza Sookharry, MCTT delegate

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