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Posted on August 11, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

Is there a rise in donor fatigue?

We at VMMissions are pleased that so many gifted persons are sensing a call to serve in mission here at home and overseas. In conversations, I sense that family, friends and congregations are pleased as well, yet have mixed feelings. “Does this mean yet another fundraising letter in our mail boxes?”

Donors continue to give generously and we are grateful! We are very much aware of the financial challenges of sending out workers and undergirding them with support. Potential workers are aware as well. I wonder if perhaps we would see even more persons wanting to serve if it were not for the “money” factor!

Our staff at VMM is working on how we can better position missions in the future. We already are providing substantial grants to our workers.

However, we are developing a plan to increase grants to alleviate some of the “burden” on individual families, friends and congregations. This vision was shared with congregational delegates at Virginia Mennonite Conference Assembly. Information will be further shared in an upcoming Connections magazine.

And still another appeal…
Contributing to the general Mission Fund continues to be the opportunity in which individuals and congregations together own the church’s mission mandate. The Mission Fund IS what funds the “cost of doing mission” and enables VMM staff to support and serve our workers.

As we near the end of our fiscal year on August 31 and still facing a sizable budget shortfall, we work, we hope, we pray and we invite you to consider a gift to the Mission Fund!

Thanks for considering!

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