Mennonite Women gather to consider purpose, discipleship

Posted on January 20, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

When the new officers of Mennonite Women of Virginia met for the first time, we began by considering our constitution. We found elements that may need revision. However, we were encouraged to find that the purpose of Mennonite Women of Virginia has not changed.

Briefly stated, it is to support each other as we “find, deepen, and share” our faith in Jesus. The Bible is the source of our knowledge. As we “discover, develop and utilize” our gifts, including the gift of leadership, we develop tools to accomplish this purpose. Our sphere of influence begins with our families and friends and eventually extends to the world. Discipleship is to be carried out within the context of our Anabaptist heritage. Perhaps most challenging is discerning what this means in the 21st century.

Mennonite Women of Virginia currently organizes three events: a fall retreat, Annual Missions Day to be held Saturday, May 7, in Harrisonburg, and a prayer breakfast at Virginia Mennonite Conference Assembly to be held Saturday, July 30. The 2011 Annual Meeting will include not only our traditional focus on hearing from and supporting Virginia Mennonite Missions workers but also time to reflect with Christian sisters on other ways we can share Jesus’ healing with a suffering world. Please join us—we need each other!

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