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net·work·ing noun
1. a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest

Networking. This is the one word that can sum up what my role in the Czech Republic has been this past year. Being the first mission intern in Prague for EMM and VMM means my primary role is networking. Networking is defined as the process or practice of building up or maintaining informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as job or business opportunities. You build relationships because you can see the potential for a partnership that will further the kingdom of God. In the process, you sometimes develop deep friendships that will leave a lasting impact.

I have had the joy of working in a country that thrives off of networking. Czech Christians used networking to band together during communism. They only went half underground, forging together across denominations to spread the Word and support each other.

I have learned the importance of a team. Networking put me in contact with other missionaries, Czech Brethren churches,
international churches, schools, and organizations who share a common bond: we want Czechs to know Jesus.

The bulk of my connections formed through English camps in the summertime. For five weeks I attended different camps as an English teacher with a variety of organizations working together to share their knowledge of English and Jesus. These camps are powerful and I was delighted to discover that in the months to follow, those relationships continued to grow deeper.

So for those who wonder what a “pioneer” does, the answer is they are really networkers. They are the ones laying the foundation work for others to come and add onto it. And I am truly grateful for the opportunity to help lay the ground work for future EMM and VMM workers in the Czech Republic.



Emily Gingrich (right) with students at Family English Camp. Courtesy of author

Emily Gingrich (right) with students at Family English Camp. Courtesy of author

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