South Asia: Living God’s Mission With Muslim-Background Believers

Asia, urban context

Dive into an immersion experience in a Muslim context with home stays, language study and mission mentoring. Join a team with current VMMissions workers as an intern prepared to listen, learn and acquiesce to the rigors of life in this context. This worker family is also open to processing possibilities with prospective long-term workers.

South Asia

J. and H. J. and H.

Sensitive location

A family of five lives in a Muslim community in South Asia, where they work with the local church in discipleship, neighborhood outreach, leadership development and resource development. They serve with Pioneers, in partnership with VMMissions as Associated Workers.

North Africa

Raleigh and Opal Raleigh and Opal Robbie, Anna, Beth, Gem

Sensitive location

Raleigh and Opal (names changed) and their children are learning languages and building relationships as part of a long-term vision to invite a people movement toward Jesus. They hope to partner with locals and other workers in agricultural development and to teach English.

Albania: High School Teacher

Europe, Lezhë

  High school teachers are needed to teach at the Lezha Academic Center, a Christian high school. A variety of subjects are desired, English and literature, math, science, music, etc. Assignment: 1-3 years; language study depends on length of term. Context: Nearly 50 years ago, Albania was in the grip of a totalitarian dictator who […]

Kosovo: Pioneer Church Planter

Europe, Istog

Singles or couples are needed to join current workers Vince and LaVonne Ramella and their boys in building relationships, with emphasis on evangelism and discipleship with persons in their town.

Germany: Church Planter and Discipleship Pioneer

Europe, Mannheim

Current VMMissions workers David and Rebekka Stutzman are open to mentoring a single person or couple interested in exploring church planting and discipleship in an urban, post-Christian setting. The Stutzmans are pioneers in their context. Learning with them would be rich preparation for a lifetime of disciple making in any context. Assignment is a two-year […]

China: Teaching English

Asia, Various locations

Teach English with Mennonite Partners in China. Contact Carol Tobin to learn more about this assignment.

Seth and Theresa Crissman

Seth and Theresa Seth and Theresa Crissman Eliana, Isaiah, Maria

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Seth and Theresa help churches in the Shenandoah Valley share the Good News with children in their local communities. They are expanding Kids Club programs from several congregations to meet a wider need in the community.

Tyler and Kendra Tyler and Kendra Yoder

USA, Virginia, Harrisonburg

Kendra and Tyler are planting Garden City Church in the the south side of Richmond in the Manchester District of Richmond, Va., as church planting residents with Eastside Church and as Associated Workers with VMMissions.

Mark and Sarah Schoenhals family

Mark and Sarah Mark and Sarah Schoenhals Heidi, Hannah

Asia, Thailand, Det Udom District

Mark and Sarah serve in the rural northeastern part of Thailand, where they support the Life Enrichment Church and engage in Bible teaching and leadership development. They serve in partnership with Eastern Mennonite Missions.


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