Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin family

Steve and Bethany (Tobin) Steve Horst and Bethany Tobin Anjali, Emmanuel, Tierzah

Asia, Thailand, Nam Yuen

Steve and Bethany are working at evangelism and discipleship among Isaan believers in Nam Yuen, in partnership with the Life Enrichment Church. They serve in partnership with Eastern Mennonite Missions.

Vince and LaVonne Ramella

Vince and LaVonne Vince and LaVonne Ramella Sid, Bradie, Justin

Europe, Kosovo, Istog

The Ramella family serves in Istog, impacting lives primarily through a new coffee/tea shop for women, Lady Latte, and through a local gym where Vince is building relationships and opening doors to ministry.

Shawn and Laura Green

Shawn and Laura Shawn and Laura Green Lucas, Emmanuel, Matteo, Isabella

Europe, Italy, Termoli

Shawn and Laura and family serve with a church-planting team in Termoli, assisting with worship and discipleship, reaching out through home Bible studies, and developing relationships to expand the work into new areas.

David & Rebekka Stutzman

David and Rebekka David and Rebekka Stutzman Immanuel, Liana, Nathanael

Europe, Germany, Mannheim

David and Rebekka are church planters in the multicultural urban center of Mannheim and network with young adults throughout Germany who are seeking to live and serve in missional communities. They serve in partnership with the South German Mennonite Conference and Mennonite Mission Network.

Yugo and Grace Yugo and Grace Jeremiah, Simeon

Sensitive location

Yugo and Grace live and serve in a slum community, running a preschool and after school program for neighborhood kids called Rumah Harapan (House of Hope) in a large Southeast Asia city, serving with Servants to Asia’s Urban Poor, in partnership with VMMissions as Associated Workers.

Norma Teles

Norma Teles and Norma Teles and the Joshua Center ministry

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Norma is director of the Joshua Center, a pre-school for Roma children in Lezhë, Albania. She leads a meeting for mothers of the Roma children. She leads a youth cell group and children’s ministry in the Lezhë congregation. She serves in partnership with Junta Menonita de Missões Internacionais, Brazil.

Rafael and Solange Tartari

Rafael and Solange Rafael and Solange Tartari Paulo, Sophia

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Rafael and Solange are congregational leaders at Guri I Themelit, the Mennonite church in Lezhë, Albania, serving in worship, preaching, women’s meetings, evangelism, and discipleship training. They serve in partnership with the Junta Menonita de Missões Internacionais (Brazil) and are Associated Workers of VMMissions.

Dini and Klementina Shahini

Dini and Klementina Dini and Klementina Shahini

Europe, Albania, Lezhë

Klementina is executive director of the Lezha Academic Center , overseeing the development of the school. Dini serves as Executive Director for AMMF, and works as project manager for the school. He also serves as an elder at Guri I Themelit, the local Mennonite church.

Steve and Laura Campbell family

Steve and Laura Steve and Laura Campbell Ruth, Esther

Europe, Montenegro, Podgorica

Steve and Laura and their children are serving with a Brethren Assembly congregation in the capital, Podgorica, ministering through various programs and activities in the church, and discipling others through Bible studies and friendships.


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