Southeast Asia: Urban Ministry Volunteer

Location: Asia, Indonesia, Medan

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Join a team with young Indonesian leaders serving the community within this discipleship oriented Sumatran church context. Interns have the opportunity to live with the rest of the team in the storefront church, grow as followers of Jesus through the regular rhythms of life and ministry, and have the opportunity to understand the complex tapestry of indigenous religion and Muslim faith that predominates in the area. Study language, expect to be asked to teach English, and have opportunities to travel throughout Sumatra. Assignment length: 1 year.

VMMissions a special relationship with a small discipleship-oriented Mennonite Church in Medan, Sumatra’s largest city – known for its vibrant cultural and religious diversity.

What does the rule of God look like in this vibrant environment? How can the growing Indonesian church work across denominational lines, as partners in mission with those who brought them the Good News, to reach the unreached among them and the world beyond their borders?

Contact Carol Tobin to learn more about this assignment.


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