Child-care assistant, Northeast Thailand

Thailand: Childcare Assistant in Northeast Districts

Asia, Northeast districts

Provide weekday child care and home school support for the children of one of two worker families, ages ranging from 2-9. There are opportunities to study language and culture, develop relationships with a host family and Thai young adults, and serve the local church more broadly.

Philippines: Peacebuilders Community Internships

Asia, Mindanao

A number of tranSend assignments are open to serve with Peacebuilders Community, Inc. Interns with PeaceBuilders undergo a process of spiritual formation and discipleship while engaged in peace building work in a team setting. Ministry includes a combination of office-based assignments in Davao City, Mindanao and field work in local communities throughout the Philippines.

Southeast Asia: Serving Among the Last and Least

Sensitive Areas, urban context

Join a team living and working in a major Southeast Asian city’s slum where skills such as nursing, teaching, and/or social work are an asset. Serve alongside VMMissions workers , study language, live with a host family in the slum, lend a hand with the Rumah Harapan (House of Hope) school and experience the radical lifestyle that is part of this incarnational ministry.


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