Seven joyful baptisms in Trinidad

Posted on February 24, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

On January 30, Margaret and I had the privilege of participating in the baptism of seven people. The baptism was scheduled for Saturday, but it was raining most of the day and at noon we learned there was a warning out that people should not go in the ocean because of dangerously rough water, so it was rescheduled for the next day, Sunday afternoon.

We prayed for good weather, and the Lord graciously gave us that, but the sea was still a bit rough and the water was brown from the stirring up of mud. No one seemed to mind. As we stood under a few coconut palms and heard testimonies from all the baptismal candidates, all rejoiced to see God at work.

I gave each one who was baptized a special verse. Then Bro. Ramon, lay leader, and I baptized them. A good time of food and fellowship followed. The eldest had her husband and one of her daughters, who has been a believer for six years, praying for a number of years for her to accept Christ and be baptized. Two are a dating couple, and three are a family.

About two years ago, the boy who was baptized asked on several occasions to pray that his daddy would come to church. About a year ago his daddy came and gave his heart to the Lord. This young father plans to memorize the verse I gave him. He said he and his family want to go out in their community to distribute tracts. After going through hard times and experiencing the love and assistance of the church, they decided to turn to Christ and have a joyful testimony of how God is enriching their lives since they turned themselves over to Christ.



Persons baptized: Ryan Singh, Jean Chandler, pastor Richard Keeler, Keisha Ali, Abbi Bennett, Annalie Alexis, Kaylon Alexis and Kathon Alexis. Courtesy of Richard Keeler.

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