Shining the light in Hickory

Posted on December 23, 2010 by VMMissions Staff

Nearly 60 years ago, evangelists from Franconia Mennonite Conference brought the light to Hickory, North Carolina. On Sunday, November 7, the Mennonite churches that grew out of that evangelistic trip celebrated their history and Virginia Conference’s 175th Anniversary.

The day consisted of a homecoming celebration for Mt. View Mennonite Church—current members, past members, and family members piled into the church to celebrate what God has been doing. A PowerPoint presentation drew attention to members from the congregation that had shared and are sharing God’s light. In the children’s lesson, Pastor Chuck Hostetter handed out flashlights to the children and led them in singing “This Little Light of Mine.” Mark Landis, former pastor of Hickory Mennonite church, shared his message on being a light to the entire world, and the singing throughout the morning reminded us of the many ways that God can shine in our lives.

Following the homecoming service, the celebrations continued with a potluck meal combining all three of the Hickory area Mennonite churches: 3:16 Christian Community (3:16 CCC), Hickory Hmong Mennonite, and Mt. View Mennonite churches. The meal was a delicious blending of cultures, foods and people! That blending continued into the afternoon as all three churches took part in a joint service celebrating our histories and our futures. Each church gave a presentation outlining its current ministries and future visions. Young people from the Hickory Hmong Mennonite Church shared traditional dances and a children’s choir from 3:16 CCC sang “Shine Jesus Shine,” reminding us of our calling and the morning’s theme.

The day ended with a meaningful candle lighting service symbolizing our call to be a light to our families, our communities, and to the world. May the light continue to shine!

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