Signs of Life team visits Maranatha School for the Deaf

September 30, 2013

Eight members of Signs of Life Fellowship (SLF) visited Maranatha School for the Deaf (MSD) and the Deaf Bible Church in Top Hill, Jamaica, June 14-26. A congregation in formation in the Southern District of Virginia Mennonite Conference, Signs of Life conducts worship and teaching in American Sign Language (ASL). All eight members of our […]


Partners opportunity: Nazareth/Bethlehem Work Group

September 5, 2013

Registration is now open for the upcoming Nazareth/Bethlehem Work Group, May 2-19, 2014, sponsored by VMM as part of the Partners program. The work group will engage in work projects at Nazareth Village and at Diyar Consortium, a ministry of Christmas Lutheran Church, Bethlehem. The group will be co-led by Dorothy Jean Weaver, Eastern Mennonite […]


Egypt’s big role in God’s story

September 4, 2013

Angie, a delightful Coptic Christian and myself, a young Catholic priest, were brought together by a two-week VMM learning tour in Egypt called “Walking the Nile.” While questions of the president, the economy, and the upcoming demonstrations loomed in the foreground, Angie and I often shared the backseat of our microbus and turned our conversation […]


Why short-term missions?

July 19, 2013

We are in the midst of another summer, the typical peak season for short-term missions (STM). With the dollars reportedly spent by Americans on STMs now exceeding those spent on longer-term missions and with some congregations and families experiencing financial strain from the repeated requests to fund a two-week service trip halfway around the world, […]


Dwelling in unity in a divided land

September 18, 2012

Photo: The Israel/Palestine group near the Temple Mount, standing on an ancient road through the market area. Jesus would have walked here. Photos courtesy of Phil Kniss. This year’s Partners team to Palestine and Israel embarked on a twenty day journey focused on studying the role of Christians in the realms of Empire. Through home-stays […]



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