Thoughtful choices change lives with fair trade products

Posted on January 20, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

When you hear the term “fair trade,” what comes to mind? Whenever I give tours of our organization, I find that there are many folks who are not acquainted with the term or the impact that fair trade has on artisans and farmers around the globe. In a nutshell, fair trade organizations offer a market for under-employed or unemployed adults who, through ongoing relationships with these organizations, are able to support their families. As a result of having a steady, fair income, these artisans become an integral factor in stimulating their local economies.

The original board of directors for Harrisonburg Gift & Thrift had a vision to encourage our local community to be good stewards in various ways—by facilitating the exchange of good, used items through our thrift and book divisions, as well as by supporting families through our fair trade division, Artisans’ Hope. Our board of directors (representatives from many VMC churches and others) and staff are committed to encouraging all of us to consider our purchasing patterns. It is important that we reflect on the impact of our spending. May we support our brothers and sisters in developing areas of the world as they seek to build sustainable lives for their families.

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