When waiting for God’s Spirit, who knows what might result!

Posted on May 11, 2012 by VMMissions Staff

Several years ago, I was sitting in a seminary classroom listening to Lawrence Yoder tell a story of missionaries in Indonesia who spent years learning language and culture before beginning to tell the stories of the Bible. When they did, the Spirit of God moved powerfully, the Gospel was shared effectively, and a movement to Jesus was begun. I was amazed.

For years, the Life Enrichment Church (LEC), has been praying and waiting for youth to have greater involvement in the life of the church. A few months ago, seemingly out of the blue, a small group of young people from the church came forward with a proposal to the church council. They wanted to serve their very rural community and bear witness to the Gospel by teaching English and Thai classes for local children on Saturdays. With the intent of service and witness, a youth group was formed, by the youth themselves! God’s Spirit is moving and breathing new life. Who knows what might result!

In the same way, for the last two years, Sarah and I have been waiting. We have been learning language and culture, waiting for the time when we can communicate well enough to begin teaching and other more concrete tasks. I have sometimes become quite discouraged, wondering what in the world I have come to Thailand for. Will I ever be able to communicate anything? Will I have
anything to offer?

Recently, we have been given the opportunity to share in village gatherings and to teach a Bible study for leaders of the LEC. Although our ability to communicate is still limited, these occasions have brought us great encouragement and renewed vision. The waiting has not been in vain and God has been at work, both in the church and in us. We pray that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully through us and the church as we serve and learn together.

Waiting is difficult, and in the midst of waiting it is hard to see the blessing. But wait for God’s Spirit we must, and when we do, God receives the honor and the glory.



Mark & Sarah Schoenhals, daughters Heidi and Hannah, and members of the Life Enrichment Church. Courtesy of author

Mark & Sarah Schoenhals, daughters Heidi and Hannah, and members of the Life Enrichment Church. Courtesy of author

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