Ben and Risa Yutzy (Corin, Efram, Rezin)

Serving in: Timberville, Virginia

Program name: transForm (long-term)

Serving since:

Ben and Risa are ‘making disciples who make disciples’ among the Spanish-speaking farm workers with whom they work in Timberville, Va. As a couple, they are happy to invite VMMissions to help them learn as much as they can about how to bear witness to Christ and nurture expressions of simple church among many unchurched persons with whom they relate.

They join VMMissions as the first workers in a new mission worker category: “Marketplace Workers.” VMMissions seeks to support and equip believers to “live out their faith in every sphere of life.” This category provides an opportunity for persons employed in trade or professional settings—domestically or internationally—to receive coaching toward ministry fruitfulness and to network with other Christians who see their work as a setting of ministry.

Ben and Risa own a farm in Timberville, Va. Ben and his brother work as business partners on the large dairy farm that Ben’s parents started. Through Ben’s everyday work with farm employees, the Yutzys have learned to know and love many of their farm workers. By boldly sharing the good news, they have found a handful of farm employees very receptive, and this has opened opportunities for them to engage within multiple webs of caring relationships. They see exciting answers to prayer and several transformed lives.

A long-standing coaching relationship with Skip Tobin has helped the Yutzys to integrate disciple making into their family’s life. Ben is now mentoring several of these farm workers to begin leading others using the Train and Multiply mentor and multiply strategy, and these workers are now learning to disciple others. Through the use of Discovery Bible Studies, Intercessory Prayer, and additional discipleship tools, the Yutzys work to share the life-changing love of Jesus with the families that they interact with.


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