• C. Farah

C. Farah Grace

Serving in: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Program name: transForm (long-term)

Serving since:

C. Farah is a Marketplace Worker serving in a role that naturally opens many doors to ministry among Harrisonburg’s Arabic-speaking community.

She is a gifted evangelist and a trained facilitator of the Al Massira discipleship course designed to lead Muslims in a deepening understanding of God’s invitation to them through Jesus. C. Farah is intentional about leading people to Jesus, and walking with them in their pain. Muslim refugees often carry deep and hidden wounds from their experiences; this is especially true of women.

She has worked in the Middle East with a series of lessons designed to help Muslim refugees work toward healthy lives, relationships and family structures with the goal of forming deepening relationships of trust in which people are introduced to Jesus and his power to heal and transform lives. Having worked closely with refugees in that region and here in the US, she is uniquely gifted to help congregations and individuals with a heart for Muslim outreach navigate the challenging spiritual, cultural and historical dynamics that arise when reaching out with the Good News of Jesus among diverse Muslim communities.


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