C. Farah

Serving in: Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Serving since:

C. Farah is a gifted evangelist and a trained facilitator of a discipleship course designed to lead Muslims in a deepening understanding of God’s invitation to them through Jesus the Messiah. While working with refugees in the Middle East, she was introduced to World Relief’s curriculum on healing from the trauma of war and healthy parenting and marriage relationships in the stress of transitions. She has adapted these with refugees in Harrisonburg.

Her current and continuing ministry focus is the culturally-diverse Muslim community in the Harrisonburg area. She will continue to serve on the ministry staff as her tranSend assignment. Additionally, she will work in casting vision and relationship-building in local congregations for faithful and fruitful ministry among Muslims in their neighborhoods, and will focus on developing the foundation for long-term ministry to Muslims and training in congregations in the Harrisonburg community and beyond.

She served in several ministry capacities in the US before joining the leadership team of a VMMissions partner congregregation in early 2020, focusing on care for refugees and immigrants. From a historic Christian community in the Middle East, C.’s cultural identity as a Christian was strong, but she did not profess a life-changing relationship with Jesus until she met an Iraqi MBB (Muslim-background believer) in Erbil, Iraq, who led her to a real faith in Jesus.

As a result, the Lord gave her a new love for her Muslim neighbors and a desire to share with them the transformation she has experienced through knowing Jesus. She is both intentional about leading people to Jesus, and walking with them in their pain. She envisions working with local churches to offer courses, and forming and training congregation-based teams who are especially focused on extending Christian hospitality and God’s love through Christ to their Muslim neighbors.


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