• Jim and Pam Beachy

Jim and Pam Beachy

Serving in: Lezhë, Albania

Program name: transForm (long-term)

Serving since:

Jim serves as principal of Lezha Academic Center in Lezhë, Albania. Pam works in the elementary school teaching English to the younger children. The Beachys also lend support to the worship and ministries of Guri I Themelit (GIT) church, but have no official role there. (Jim occasionally preaches at the church.)

They spent the 2017-2018 school year as teachers at Lezha Academic Center. In the fall of 2018, Jim returned to LAC for five weeks to be principal while Principal Klementina Shahini was on leave in the States. Klementina has transitioned to a superintendent role in 2019.

With Jim’s previous experience as a pastor, and Pam’s experience working in a preschool, they are ideally equipped to teach and minister to children, youth and adults in Lezhë and engage with the GIT congregation. Their experience at the school in the 2017-2018 school year has given them a vision for ministry and prepared them for fruitful ministry ahead. They care deeply about the students and continue to have contact with several students who have been impacted by Jim and Pam. Not only have the students been impacted, the teachers as well love Jim and Pam and are excited about their return to LAC.


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