Training Modules

Lesson 1: Worship as Habit – James K.A. Smith

Lesson 2: Rule of Life

Lesson 3a: Discipleship, the Strange Path – Bishop Robert Barron
Lesson 3b: The Mission of God – N.T. Wright

Lesson 4: An Embodied Life in the Spirit – Cherith Fee Nordling

Lesson 5: A Reconciling Community – Stanley Hauerwas

Lesson 6: Anabaptism and the Great Commission – Malcolm Yarnell

Lesson 7: Sharing the Good News – John Dickson

Lesson 8: Cultural Engagement – Tim Keller

Lesson 9: Race and the Church – Catalyst Conference Panel

Lesson 10: Sexual Wholeness – Michael John Cusick

Lesson 11: Prayer – Bishop Robert Barron


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