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Service Opportunities


(E3 Collective)

  • Commitments of 1-3 weeks
  • Individuals curious to explore mission experiences at home or abroad
  • A great opportunity for families and church groups to serve together



  • Commitments of 1-2 years
  • Discern spiritual giftings and put them into practice
  • Includes mentoring by an established mission worker and regular coaching



  • Commitments of 2-3+ years
  • Intensive cross-cultural learning and holistic witness
  • An opportunity to live and serve in a context incarnationally

Teams embarking on a short-term experience of encouraging others and learning to engage the work of the kingdom for a lifetime.

Learn more about short-term service with E3 Collective. Or explore short-term opportunities below.

Agape Home, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand: Minister at a Christian-run orphanage in Chiang Mai

Serve on an short-term team ministering at Agape Home, a Christian-run orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, alongside VMMissions worker Rissa Martin. Serve June 3-17, 2024.

Kenya: Soccer Camp

Soccer Camp in Kenya

Love to play soccer? Love to share God’s good news? Join an E3 Collective team to southern Kenya in late June 2024, centered around a soccer camp outreach that will bless and engage with local kids and adults.

Kara-Tepe-Refugee-Camp UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Serve Refugees in Greece

Join the E3 Collective trip to Lesvos, Greece in Fall 2024, to serve refugees at their entry point to Europe, just four miles from the shore of Turkey. Show the love of God and serve the daily needs of displaced people.

Explore God’s calling through structured opportunities for service and discipleship through a one- to two-year missions placement designed to help you discern your spiritual gifts and put them into practice.

Learn more about internships with tranSend. Or explore internship opportunities below.


Thailand: Church-planting Intern

Do you have a heart for the unreached? Do you long to connect with what God is doing on the frontiers of the Kingdom? Join long-term workers in northeastern Thailand in the rhythms of cross-cultural pioneer church-planting among one of the most unreached people groups in Southeast Asia.

Nazareth Village

Israel: Discipleship Intern

Serve as a discipleship intern at Nazareth Village and/or Nazareth Hospital, and encounter the cultures and peoples of the land as well as travelers from around the world as you share the love and good news of Jesus.

Abide Project

United States: Discipleship and Creation Care

Serve as an intern with the Abide Project of Church of the Lamb, which is establishing welcoming places for their neighbors: a parish, gardens, and an abbey that unites faith with work and vocation and provides a place for spiritual formation and healing.

Long-term service (2-3+ years) including intensive cross-cultural learning and holistic witness through a variety of specific ministries.

Learn more about long-term service with transForm. Or explore long-term opportunities below.

International business

Central Asia: International Transformational Business

Join a team working with an array of businesses that transform communities through meeting local needs, operating with integrity and just compensation, and being a example of God’s love and heart for justice in word and deed. Receive training, mentoring and support for long-term ministry through business.


Thailand: Pioneer Church Planting

Respond to God’s call to help a Thai network of believers expand into new villages and focus on faith formation among new believers and the second and third generation believers. Join a ministry team with long-term workers engaging and serving with Life Enrichment Church.

South Asia internship

South Asia: Living God’s Mission With Muslim-Background Believers

Join the team in South Asia with current VMMissions workers as you learn language and culture in order to minister to one of the most under-reached people groups in the world while using your particular gifts and passions.

Kierston Kreider

Not sure where to start?

Get in touch with Kierston Kreider, Mission Mobilizer, and he’ll work with you to identify what opportunities might be a good fit.