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E3 Collective (short-term)

Embark. Encourage. Engage.

E3 Collective is an initiative of VMMissions that invites followers of Jesus to participate in healthy and holistic short-term (a week or more) mission experiences.

These short-term mission experiences focus on being and relating, rather than simply doing. We work to make it about a re-orientation to a gospel-centered, Spirit-empowered way of being and building the body of Christ across the boundaries of geography and culture. As the name "collective" suggests, these are team-based experiences.

The three Es in E3 are about inviting persons to embark on an intensive short-term team experience, encourage and be encouraged as the body of Christ in a host setting, and engage more deeply the work of the kingdom for a lifetime.

This happens through up-front training; prayer, personal reflection and group processing while on location; and debriefing and sharing with others after you return.

E3 Collective

In our efforts to build the best program possible, we have joined MissionExcellence. Team leaders and participants, as well as host partners, are equipped and commit to 7 standards (Learn more about these standards on their website):

  • God-centeredness
  • Empowering partnerships
  • Mutual design
  • Comprehensive administration
  • Qualified leadership
  • Appropriate training
  • Thorough follow-through.

To apply, you will create a free account at Managed Missions. Enter your email address, and a link to set your password will be sent to you.

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Agape Home, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand: Minister at a Christian-run orphanage in Chiang Mai

Serve on an short-term team ministering at Agape Home, a Christian-run orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, alongside VMMissions worker Rissa Martin. Serve June 3-17, 2024.

Kenya: Soccer Camp

Soccer Camp in Kenya

Love to play soccer? Love to share God’s good news? Join an E3 Collective team to southern Kenya in late June 2024, centered around a soccer camp outreach that will bless and engage with local kids and adults.

Kara-Tepe-Refugee-Camp UN Photo/Rick Bajornas

Serve Refugees in Greece

Join the E3 Collective trip to Lesvos, Greece in Fall 2024, to serve refugees at their entry point to Europe, just four miles from the shore of Turkey. Show the love of God and serve the daily needs of displaced people.