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Explore mission themes in our quarterly magazine as workers tell stories of making disciples in the way of Christ.

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View of the slum community in Southeast Asia. Courtesy photo by Anita Rahma

Do You Want a Puppy?

“Reaching unreached people groups demands more than what is easy or comfortable,” writes Anita Rahma. To reach Muslim neighbors and remove barriers to the gospel, her family uses contextual language and lifestyle to connect. For them, it means choosing to surrender some things they have a “right” to.

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Jason Rhodes Showalter

Ambassadors to the Unreached

VMMissions increasingly partners with churches in the global south, the majority Christian world, as they send workers to live and work among UPGs as ambassadors of the gospel. Many of these sent ones continue to work in the professions they practiced in their passport nations.

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Aaron M. Kauffman

Striving for Greater Balance

This year the concept of “unreached people groups” turns 50 years old. The idea of UPGs is not new, but it is relatively new for VMMissions to make UPGs a priority in our work. Currently, the percentage of workers we support who are serving UPGs is 43%.

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Joyel Allen Worker Profile

Worker Profile: Joyel Allen

Joyel serves as a campus missionary to Mary Baldwin University in Staunton, Virginia, where she shares the gospel with students and disciples them. She serves with Every Nation Campus, in partnership with VMMissions.

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Yacoub and his MST pray together

Call to Prayer: Praying for Direction

Prayer isn’t something that I just do before I relate to people. Prayer means carrying something with you all the time. Without it, nothing happens. I need someone to show me the way. How will I minister without the Holy Spirit showing me the way?

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South Asia believers pray

The Multiplying Impact of Testimonies

If we are taking Jesus’ command seriously to make disciples of all nations, then strategies that produce multiplication are worth pursuing. One of these strategies is through sharing our own testimony.

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Planting a Church Using the Four Fields

A simple tool has helped our church focus on kingdom work, emphasizing empowering others to make disciples. We believe that this is fruitful when used along with the power of God’s word, the obedience of his servants and the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

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Momentum of the Movement

Disciple-making movements can’t always be fast because discipleship is a marathon, not a sprint. While working for momentum in evangelism, we must keep our focus on the quality of our discipleship. The emphasis remains on faithfully drawing near to Christ, rather than reporting a snazzy number.

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Lizzette Hernandez

Why a Disciple-making Movement?

VMMissions has shifted from traditional mission models to the multiplication-oriented model of disciple-making movements. Starting small, investing in and equipping the faithful few takes time, patience, and faith. But in the end it produces deeper and greater fruit.

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Aaron M. Kauffman

Back to Basics

Global Christians are not just the hapless victims of Western expansion. They are active recipients of new life in Jesus, who makes himself at home in every culture and restores people in all their beautiful diversity to the kaleidoscope image of God they were created to bear.

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Worker Profile: Adam & Elise Sauder

Adam and Elise (names changed) serve with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. They help staff six-month discipleship schools for young adults, which is followed by an “outreach” phase to South Asia.

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David Stutzman

Call to Prayer: Renewal Starts With Prayer

A resourcing network that David Stutzman works with in Germany has hosted a prayer month for three years now. David writes, “There is something about prayer, as a church, that helps us see the spiritual landscape around us and bring into words God’s movement among us.”

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