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Aaron Kauffman

Faithfulness + Patience = Fruitfulness

I confess I feel some discomfort with measuring “success” in missions. Depth of transformation is not an easy thing to quantify, nor do we often see immediate results. Perhaps the key to long-term fruitfulness in Christian mission is faithful witness combined with patient trust in the Lord of the harvest.


This Christmas, Share God’s Greatest Gift

With your support, we were able to appoint 18 new mission workers in 2022, bringing our total number of those serving to 61 – kingdom ambassadors representing 12 countries, yet all with the same goal of sharing the peace that Jesus makes possible. This Christmas, help us call, equip, send and support more ambassadors of reconciliation through a donation to our Mission Fund.


Whose Voice Are We Listening To?

Anita (name changed), serving in a slum in Indonesia, writes, “It is lovely when we have attainable rhythms and goals to keep us healthy and measure “success” clearly. But on the mission field, so often this seems impossible. Much of our energy is spent just surviving in a different culture, language, and religious context. For those of us in uncharted territory of ministry, it can feel impossible to measure.”

Paul Yoder

Success Requires Transformation

“In my four years on the VMMissions Board of Directors, I have found that our vision statement serves as a beautiful and life-giving objective,” Paul Yoder, board chair, writes. “The verb “envisions” speaks to the “picture” that we are painting. Three scriptures have recently been helping me more fully “envision” success in God’s kingdom.


Success Can Rise Out of Failure

One experience that Anne (name changed) had illustrates her struggle with success. “How could people in our own faith community act so vengefully and with so little consideration for their children’s faith?” she writes. “Just when I rejoice at how good things are going, at how much fruit is resulting from my ministry, things fall apart. I could easily name ten other situations where seeming success crashed down into failure.”


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