Making disciples in the way of Christ.


Thank You for Investing in the Life-Changing Kindness of Jesus Christ

Christmas is about kindness, God’s kindness toward us in Jesus Christ. In a world where kindness is in short supply, this is good news. We are invited to throw off the shackles of sin and receive the new life only Jesus can bring. Thank you for helping us share this kindness of God through a gift to the Mission Fund and meeting our year-end goal of $160,000.

Aaron M. Kauffman

From the President: Patient Ferment

I celebrate the move in Christian missions toward indigenous leadership and simple approaches to discipleship that can easily multiply among new believers. It is a welcome change from models that foster unhealthy dependency on foreign workers. Yet I also have some caution, especially when the emphasis is on speed and numbers.


Worker profile: Lydia Musselman

In addition to the many ways that they share life with each other at 264 OSH, Lydia also leads discipleship groups, weekly prayer on the campuses of EMU and JMU, and Bible studies with women from both universities, nurturing cross-cultural connection and watering their souls with the living water.


Call to Prayer: Lord, Teach Us to Pray!

“In God’s kingdom we are born anew to multiply, and Luke’s gospel has been teaching us that multiplication is preceded by prayer,” Lizzette Hernandez writes. “So in response to the Spirit’s invitation, we have been meeting once a month for the last year to pray. As we’ve come together, God has done new things.”


Moving Towards Multiplication

“Moving towards multiplication takes time, energy and patient trust in the One who makes the harvest,” Mike Metzler writes. “Yet multiplication is also simple. J.R. Briggs, a church planter who is ministering near my hometown in Lansdale, Pa., caught my attention with this statement: ‘All of us are missionaries disguised as good neighbors.’ His words resonate with me.”


Our Mission
VMMissions equips the church
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