Making disciples in the way of Christ.


Gratitude to God Funds Mission

The early model of centralized funding depended on donors entrusting their God-given resources to the mission agency to use in accordance with its priorities. But when giving rapidly declined in the 1990s, it became clear that donors wanted to give where they had involvement. A paradigm shift was needed.


Getting On Board With Business

The call is going out for business, professional and trade men and women who love Jesus and believe that the marketplace is a place for the good news of the gospel. Who will get on board?


USA Ministries: A Story of Missionaries and Migrants

God knows how to weave good stories, in which the puzzle pieces from one time and place come together to create something new and beautiful in another time and place. In this story, the puzzle pieces are missionaries and migrants, the places are Honduras and Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the time will unfold in the telling.


An Examen: God, Where Have You Been Present?

Now in our fourth decade of short-term missions, what have we learned at VMMissions? Are short-term mission experiences about rendering a service or surrendering to Christ? Martin Rhodes shares his own story of how a short-term assignment in Mexico shifted his focus from doing to being.



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