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VMMissions Seeks Director of Advancement

Virginia Mennonite Missions seeks a full-time Director of Advancement. Qualified candidates should demonstrate a passion for the gospel, an active commitment to the church, familiarity with Virginia Mennonite Conference, leadership skills and experience, and the ability to cultivate donor relationships and invite support. Interested persons, please contact Dianna Lehman. See the Director of Advancement Job Description.


CARES Act Giving Options

Learn about changes in charitable giving options in light of the passage of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.

Carol Tobin

Coronavirus Sparks Responses of Compassion and Creativity at VMMissions

The last three months of the coronavirus pandemic have introduced unimagined challenges and tragedy to the entire world community. At the same time, this adversity has unearthed deep wells of adaptability, creativity and compassion. This is certainly the story at VMMissions.


MWC Global Church Sharing Fund Responds to Pandemic Needs

The COVID-19 pandemic is exposing preexisting systemic inequalities that benefit some and disadvantage others. In response, Mennonite World Conference has invited Anabaptist mission and service partners to coordinate their financial response to COVID-19 hardships experienced by member churches around the world.


A Front Row Seat to the Gospel’s Power

The power of the gospel is this: that the unlovable are loved, the irredeemable are redeemed, the disinherited are adopted, the faithless are made faithful, the wicked are made pure, and the unqualified are made participants. This is my story.



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