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God is on a mission to redeem all of creation. And you are invited to take part in this mission. Pray for those engaged in mission service. Give generously, of your time and finances. Participate in mission events.

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Putt For Missions

New date: May 25

Join us for our annual mini-golf tournament!

Daily Prayer

As Alfonso Alvarado celebrates his birthday today, ask the Lord for favor and endurance as Alfonso faithfully lives his call to minister to God’s people at Iglesia Monte Moriah, Timberville, Va.

Stories of Mission

View of the slum community in Southeast Asia. Courtesy photo by Anita Rahma

Do You Want a Puppy?

“Reaching unreached people groups demands more than what is easy or comfortable,” writes Anita Rahma. To reach Muslim neighbors and remove barriers to the gospel, her family uses contextual language and lifestyle to connect. For them, it means choosing to surrender some things they have a “right” to.

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Jason Rhodes Showalter

Ambassadors to the Unreached

VMMissions increasingly partners with churches in the global south, the majority Christian world, as they send workers to live and work among UPGs as ambassadors of the gospel. Many of these sent ones continue to work in the professions they practiced in their passport nations.

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Aaron M. Kauffman

Striving for Greater Balance

This year the concept of “unreached people groups” turns 50 years old. The idea of UPGs is not new, but it is relatively new for VMMissions to make UPGs a priority in our work. Currently, the percentage of workers we support who are serving UPGs is 43%.

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