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VMMissions Blesses 130 Families through Relief Effort

In March 2020, VMMissions launched the Coronavirus Immigrant Care Fund as a domestic response to immigrants in need due to job loss and other hardships related to the coronavirus pandemic. Staff person Lizzette Hernandez led a distribution committee that fielded requests, verified needs, and made distributions. All told, VMMissions distributed $38,940 to 130 families in Virginia and North Carolina.


VMMissions Announces Updated COVID-19 Policy

As of May 24, 2021, all office staff and tenants at VMMissions are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. In accordance with updated guidance from the CDC and the Governor of Virginia, VMMissions is no longer requiring fully vaccinated staff or visitors to wear masks or maintain social distancing. We ask that all staff and visitors, even if vaccinated, make a point to accommodate requests to wear masks, socially distance, meet outside, or otherwise adjust office protocol for the sake of the comfort, health or safety of others.


Worker Profile: Anna Renfro

Anna’s assignment in Mannheim, Germany, is to support the ministries of Dave and Rebekka Stutzman as well as to serve at a local refugee center called Friedenshaus. Most of her time is spent in the afterschool youth program Kinderreich in nearby Heidelberg.


Call to Prayer: Life Lessons

“With our two-month-old fourth daughter in arms, we went through our training. It was all a blur, with the exception of one so very important word that God spoke to me while I was fetching something from our parked car. It stopped me in my tracks. ‘You think you are doing this for me. No, I am doing this for you,'” Carol writes.



VMMissions equips the church to
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with neighbors near and far.


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