Making disciples in the way of Christ.


Mission Fund update 2017

Update 2: $70,000 remaining to meet Mission Fund goal

Please consider a generous gift to our Mission Fund before we close our fiscal year on August 31. As of August 18, we need $70,000 to reach our goal. Together, let’s extend the great chain of disciples who make disciples who make disciples.

Seeking and finding

A knock on the door, seeking and finding

The author and Abraham (left) visit for Yousif’s baptism. Photo courtesy of author   By Sarah K. I was home alone in my apartment when I heard a knock on the door. Schools were out early that day; a Middle Eastern teenage boy had come to visit me. “How do you have so much faith?” […]

Don Clymer prepares for a seminar

Sharing the good news in Switzerland

Esther and Don Clymer (right) share coffee time with Swiss friends Walter and Regina. Photo courtesy of author   By Don Clymer “I took a walk one morning,” stated a woman to me as she was saying good-bye. “I asked Jesus to walk beside me…we spoke with each other. It was very therapeutic.” I had […]

Aaron Kauffman

Lifestyle evangelism

“People don’t go to church on Sundays to support their pastors in their ministry. The pastor goes to church on Sunday to support the people in their ministry. And their ministry, the ministry that really counts as mission, is outside the walls of the church, in the world, being salt and light in the marketplace.” […]



VMMissions equips the church
to share new life in Jesus Christ
with neighbors near and far.


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