Ministry Support Teams

The Ministry Support Team (MST) is a vital link between the between the missionary and the supporting home community. An MST is usually a group of six to eight people with vital interest in missions and in the missionary candidate. If the missionary has close relationships in more than one congregation, the MST connects people from each congregation to support him or her.

The main goal of the MST is to link the missionary with his or her network of family, friends, and contacts, working with the home congregation(s) and VMMissions.

Members of the MST agree to:

  • Encourage/counsel the missionary candidate seeking the Lord’s leading.
  • Assist in communicating with supporters.
  • Pray for both the missionary and the team in mission.
  • Take primary responsibility for raising funds and maintaining balances while the missionary serves.

An MST may be made up of people from the missionary’s congregation, family, friends and community. If you are interested in being a part of an MST, please contact Karen Yoder at VMMissions.

Read about MSTs in much more detail.


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