God’s unexpected movement in Jamaica

Posted on March 28, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

In the past year God has been moving in our community here in Top Hill, Jamaica. One way we’ve seen this is in the growth of our Wednesday night Bible study from being nonexistent to consistently having more than 15 persons attend. In the course of working at ministering to persons in the community by starting a men’s Bible study, trying to attract more people to Sunday services, preaching and teaching, teaching at the Maranatha School for the Deaf, and building relationships with community members, God did something amazing.

Without us even realizing or connecting the dots, God was preparing us for something more significant. We have previously written about the relational barriers between the deaf and hearing communities in the Ridge district, our home community. One night the Lord revealed to us that he wanted us to invite the deaf church to fellowship and worship with Ridge Mennonite Church on Wednesday nights. We obeyed and the members of the deaf church eagerly turned up waiting to be fed from the Word. God had been preparing us from our first day on the island to work with such a ministry that forges bonds between the deaf and hearing worlds. God has been moving.

Looking forward to the next few months, God is leading us in a new ministry of teaching positive values like teamwork, determination, persistence, respect, and sportsmanship to young kids of the community by organizing a sports program. This program will involve kids in organized sporting practices and events, expose them to a Word of devotion, and teach positive values through sports. As an added bonus the local young-adult soccer team has volunteered to help with the program. It is a way that we are working together to make a stronger, healthier community. Please continue to pray for this ministry.



Building relationships as we share a meal with deaf friends in the community.

Building relationships as we share a meal with deaf friends in the community. (Photo by author)

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