Playing, laughing, talking, building relationships

Posted on May 18, 2011 by VMMissions Staff

There are many teenagers in Palermo (population about 80,000) and just 2% of them know what it means to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus. Andrea and Sheila Crocivera are involved with Youth for Christ and tranSend in a project to reach them.

In November we opened a youth center called MY SPACE PALERMO, a place where we can meet teenagers, become their friends and above all, introduce them to Jesus. We’re amazed that so many kids (about 50) come on a regular basis, and we enjoy the time we spend playing with them (Nintendo Wii, Foosball, table games), laughing , talking about their problems and building relationships to lead them to Jesus. We’re amazed how a simple game or a moment of chatting can become an important moment for them and for their spiritual life.

Many times I’ve heard “Go and make disciples of all people,” and it’s amazing that now for us “all people” are Simone, Giorgia, Mauro, Giulia, Riccardo, Giuseppe, Luca, Fabiola, and the names of all the kids who come to MY SPACE PALERMO. Join with us in praying for these kids. Some of them have broken families, others have drugs addictions and others have no purpose in life.

Pray for the volunteers who help us by showing practical love (Aurora, Linda, Noemi from Centro Agape Mennonite Church) and pray that God will send more volunteers from the churches here in Palermo.

Pray also that Sheila and I will have wisdom in the decisions we make in finding ways to lead these kids to Christ.

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