Transforming is our 12-page mission magazine published quarterly that tells stories of how our work and our workers are making disciples in the way of Christ.

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Fall 2019 Centennial issue (Vol. 5 Issue 3, PDF)
Summer 2019 (Vol. 5 Issue 2, PDF)
Spring 2019 (Vol. 5 Issue 1, PDF)
Winter 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 4, PDF)
Fall 2018 (Vol. 4 Issue 3, PDF)
Summer 2018 (Vol. 4 Issue 2, PDF)
Spring 2018 (Vol. 4 Issue 1, PDF)
Winter 2018 (Vol. 3 Issue 4, PDF)
Fall 2017 (Vol. 3 Issue 3, PDF)
Summer 2017 (Vol. 3 Issue 2, PDF)
Spring 2017 (Vol. 3 Issue 1, PDF)
Winter 2017 (Vol. 2 Issue 4, PDF)
Fall 2016 (Vol. 2 Issue 3, PDF)
Summer 2016 (Vol. 2 Issue 2, PDF)
Spring 2016 (Vol. 2 Issue 1, PDF)
Winter 2016 (Vol. 1 Issue 4, PDF)
Fall 2015 (Vol. 1 Issue 3, PDF)
Summer 2015 (Vol. 1 Issue 2, PDF)
Spring 2015 (Vol. 1 Issue 1, PDF)


Highlighting the prayer requests and activities of our workers, our monthly prayer calendar keeps you informed and engaged in prayer on our behalf.

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VMMissions overview brochureVMMissions overview brochure: an in-depth look at our mission, vision, core commitments and guiding principles that form the foundation of our work.


Annual Mission Directory: a printed booklet, distributed to supporters and available on request, listing our current mission workers, board members, list of donors, staff and ways to get involved. Because it contains information about workers serving in sensitive areas, it is not put online.


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