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Dini and Klementina Shahini

Dini and Klementina Shahini

Serving in: (Albania)
Program name:
Serving since: 2011
Vocation: ,

Dini and Klementina Shahini have served in Lezhë, Albania since 2011 when they returned to their home country to start the Lezha Academic Center (LAC) as a tool to spread the Gospel among their own people.

Klementina serves as Executive Director of Lezha Academic Center, a K-12 Christian school. Her role includes day-to-day operations of the School, recruiting of teachers and students, maintaining good relationship with the the Department of Education in Albania and with the City of Lezhë, meetings with parents, and fundraising.

Additionally, she reaches out to students and their families and builds bridges from the school to the church. She cares deeply for the church and is active there.

LAC is chartered by the Albanian government and under the supervision and licensure requirements of the Department of Education. While Dini and Klementina are VMMissions’ workers, Klementina is also appointed as principal of LAC by LAC’s Board of Directors.

Dini is executive director of the Albanian Mennonite Mission Foundation, serves with VUSH (Albanian Evangelical Alliance), and is lead elder at Guri I Themelit, the local church. Dini’s welcoming and outgoing nature marks the church as a place of hospitality for church and community persons. In all contexts – church, LAC and the administrative positions he holds – Dini serves wholeheartedly with a love for Jesus and others.

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