• Hannah Shultz

Hannah Shultz

Serving in: Harrisonburg, Virginia

Program name: tranSend (1-2 years)

Serving since:

Hannah is interested in creating a program in partnership with local churches to disciple families through music. She envisions empowering parents to disciple their children in the way of Jesus. Hannah is a passionate disciple of Jesus and wants to use her fluency in music education and Spanish to share Jesus and practical disciple-making strategies with young people and their families in Harrisonburg. To that end, Hannah has been in discussion with VMMissions Latino Ministries Coach Lizzette Hernandez, as well as Veronica Sanchez, who pastors Enciende una Luz Church and Shalom Church, on creating a pilot program that can then be shared with other Hispanic congregations in Harrisonburg.

Hannah’s formative preteen and teenage years were spent as a missionary with Eastern Mennonite Mission in Cusco, Peru. Even as a 5-year old preparing to embark on a life-changing journey, Hannah was secure in her love of Jesus and identity as a missionary. Hannah grew up at Harrisonburg Mennonite Church and through that connection know Skip and Carol Tobin. Carol introduced Martin to Hannah while she was a student at EMU. More recently, Hannah served on an E3 Collective with Carol in Thailand in 2019. She also serves on the MST of current VMMissions worker Christina Hershey.

Hannah is a passionate disciple of Jesus, and through prayer and worship attunes herself to God’s Spirit daily. She is gifted as a musician and in leading people toward transforming encounters with the Lord. Hannah has a vigorous missionary identity and senses a deep call to work among the Latino immigrant community, especially with the younger generations who struggle to connect with the older ones. She has the disposition of a learner and desires to see her ministry shaped by local leaders in the church.


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